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Welcome to a new way of networking, a new way of thinking, a new way of doing business.  The Sign Stuff Network is a collection of sign advertising  professionals working together to help each other succeed.
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    A powerful convergence of needs has arrived.  You know the increasingly  competitive United States economy that we confront everyday.  The economic statistics are staggering.  Last year, millions of US workers were displaced.  Even if the economy stabilizes, according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, more than twelve million Americans, many of them older, white-collar workers remain jobless, victims of an economy they cannot control.

    US business are in an unparalleled race to increase their sales and profits.  The need for sign advertising and promotion has never been more important.  For the Sign Stuff Network, a leader in sign advertising and promotion, these two economic realities represent a tremendous opportunity.  Sign Stuff is meeting these needs by empowering Sign Stuff Affiliates  with the tools and skills necessary to make American businesses more competitive.  By becoming a Sign Stuff Affiliate, you share this opportunity to truly make a difference.  Sign Stuff  is much more than an outstanding graphic design and production company, Sign Stuff is family.  Our commitment to the success of each Affiliate is backed by aggressive programs and service including extensive training and support materials.

    Sign Stuff manufactures and sells products that generate customer traffic and increase sales and profits for small business owners - - - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.  Our customers - your prospects - are independent small businesses. There are over 25 million of them in the United States. Like you, they are entrepreneurs who seek an independent way of making a living. They are pursuing their dream of owning and building a successful business of their own.  Each year, about 750,000 new business owners pursue the dream, often investing their life savings and countless hours of work. And, sadly, 80% of these businesses fail within the first three years of operation. The single most frequent cause of failure is their inability to generate customer traffic - people who stop in, look and buy the products or services offered.

        Join the world's best Affiliate Marketing opportunity, and enjoy the benefits of a strong network bonus program, a car allowance, a retirement program and an unlimited sales territory.  You can help make the country a more competitive place, while building your own financial freedom.

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