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Overview of the Market

In a season of bad news and poor economic prospects the national sign market is weathering the storm and sign advertising products provide the best tool for  businesses to improve their outlook.  The total market for sign advertising products in the United States exceeds $40 billion per year.  The US sign advertising market is very fragmented, with from 30,000 to 50,000 small companies participating in the market.  With the exception of the Off Premise Billboard segment, no company has more than a 1% share.  Very few companies have a national presence.  This represents a huge opportunity for our Network.  The state of our industry (customization and fragmentation) presents an opportunity for our Network to establish a very large national presence in this marketplace.

Our customers - your prospects - are independent small businesses. There are over 25 million of them in the United States. Like you, they are entrepreneurs who seek an independent way of making a living. They are pursuing their dream of owning and building a successful business of their own.

Each year, about 750,000 new business owners pursue the dream, often investing their life savings and countless hours of work. And, sadly, 80% of these businesses fail within the first three years of operation. The single most frequent cause of failure is their inability to generate customer traffic - people who stop in, look and buy the products or services offered.

The answer for many business owners has become decidedly low-tech: professionally made signs.  Without a properly designed and placed on-premise business sign, a commercial site cannot function at its full economic potential.

An attractive on-premise business sign provides 24 hour exposure of its message to a large pool of potential customers at a fraction of the overall cost of other media.  A case study shown on the website highlights a restaurant that showed a 16% increase in sales after 12 months of installing their new sign.

Sign Stuff manufactures and sells products that generate customer traffic and increase sales and profits for small business owners - - - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.


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