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Cost Effective Ways for Small Business to Increase Sales

July 1, 2010 

Recession Is Forcing Some Small Companies to Think 'Low Tech' for Advertising

The answer for many business owners has become decidedly low-tech: professionally made signs.  Without a properly designed and placed on-premise business sign, a commercial site cannot function at its full economic potential.

An attractive on-premise business sign provides 24 hour exposure of its message to a large pool of potential customers at a fraction of the overall cost of other media.  A case study shown on the website highlights a restaurant that showed a 16% increase in sales after 12 months of installing their new sign.


A  trend being echoed in some form or another across the country, is local businesses wondering where they can advertise their own services and products affordably.  The Internet, global by nature, has not yet developed a model for effectively reaching local customers.  Recently, three Ohio daily newspapers announced plans to eliminate their Tuesday editions.  At the same time, most U.S. papers are raising ad rates to try to stop their own financial bleeding.

And so, the answer for many business owners has become decidedly low-tech: the on-premise business sign.

A lot of business owners can no longer afford newspaper or magazine print ads because of rate increases.  And Internet ads don't work well for local small businesses, because a search for a certain type of business will produce links to companies literally around the world, and it's hard for people to sift through that to find something local.  So more and more people are going the old-fashioned route of advertising their business through entrance signs and banners

They're finding that as their competitor spends a fortune on Internet advertising, an affordable, professionally designed on-premise sign often gives them a competitive edge over the other guy down the street.

Good advertising keeps the company in front of the customer, something that Internet advertising has not completely mastered.  When a customer has a need for a product or service similar to what you offer, if your ad campaign has done its job, it will trigger a search for your company.  Good advertising--really good advertising--builds your brand by creating a great visual impression and builds confidence in your ability to provide the precise product or service the customer needs, when they need it, at a terrific value.

While other advertising formats have their place, in a struggling economy, signs are looking particularly attractive. They offer the best ROI (Return on Investment).  However inferior-looking signs might actually harm your business image.

Our sign engineers are creative innovators that seek out new materials and manufacturing methods that can be leveraged across many applications and customers.  We have developed manufacturing processes that are extremely efficient; and it is this high degree of efficiency that allows us to create many more signs in less time than our competition.  The end result is a huge savings to our customer without sacrificing quality.

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