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Fund Raising Program For Church Signs

Unique Fundraiser Program for Church Signs.

8/1/10 -- Amid news that more and more churches are seeing a decline in offerings and donations, Sign Stuff has developed a unique program to help with fund-raising to install one of our New England Style or Market Street signs. The program allows religious groups to sell faith-based decals to raise money to purchase a custom church sign.  The decals are designed to go on vehicles or windows and feature symbols such as Praying Hands, WWJD, the Peace Dove, and the Christian Fish. They are provided free to Churches taking part in the fundraiser program.

Churches, youth groups, Sunday schools, and other groups, are encouraged to sell the decals for a small price--usually $5 each. Because the decals are free, the Church keeps 100 percent of the money that they make from the fundraiser.  

To take part in this program a Church orders their new custom New England Style or Market Street sign from a Sign Stuff Partner and agrees to take part in the fundraiser decal program.  We will provide a proof of the custom sign for the building or fundraising committee members.  We'll also provide posters to help promote the decal sales for the new church sign.  For every $5 that the sign costs,  we will send the Church one decal (For example, with a $500 sign order we will send the Church 100 decals). The Church sells the decals and applied the proceeds toward the purchase of the sign.

We've found that sometimes Churches want to buy a new custom sign, but feel like they don't have adequate funds, especially in this economy.  If you have a Church prospect that needs a new entrance sign, these decals are a great way for them to raise funds.  We provide them free as a fundraiser to make a new sign possible and affordable.  We look forward to partnering with you to grow your business.  If you have any questions about this program please call us at 734-458-1055.  You can also email us at

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